Each fall, the Frecon Family proudly opens 30 acres of prime orchard during the peak of our apple harvest to share with families & friends from throughout the Mid Atlantic. Reconnecting folks with their food source the people that grow it is what we've hung our hat on since 1944 so it's only natural. So come one, come all to enjoy a crisp fall day strolling the trees, picking apples, pear & pumpkins, enjoying apple cider donuts & more. See you soon!



Availability Sept – Oct
Pricing – TBD
Gold Rush
Golden Delicious
Red Delicious
Stayman Winesap
Granny Smith
bosc pears


Availability Sept – Oct
Pricing – TBD
Red Rymer


Availability Mid Sept – Oct
Pricing – TBD
Sugar Pam’s
Decorative Pumpkins


Availability Mid Sept – Oct
Pricing – TBD


Our Upick Orchard is tucked in a quiet little pocket of Berks County, great for an enjoyable & relaxing day among our apple & pear trees. Guests can enjoy access to 30 acres of orchard, live music, order food from our concession stand, enjoy a picnic in the tree rows, jump & play in our kids play area, cut sunflowers or zinnias in our flower patch or simply enjoy strolling the orchard.

There is no entry fee to Upick at Frecon Farms, you simply pay for what you pick. All live music is also free. Applewood fired pizzas and select fresh made items from our bakery, including apple cider donuts, pies & more, are available for order.

We look forward to sharing our family farm with you and if you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at anytime.

– Remember that when you visit Frecon Farms you are a welcomed guest.
– Like many farms, Frecon Farms is both our family’s home and business. Please respect our property as you would your own.
– Wash your fruit prior to eating.
– Read and obey all signs.
– Follow directions about where and what to pick.
– Wear shoes, shirts and other proper clothing at all times.
– Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a sunscreen and a hat.
– Be sure to place all litter in the proper trash receptacles.
– Ask for assistance.
– Use hay climb, tee-pees and picnic area for photo ops!
– Enjoy yourself and have fun at Frecon Farms!

– Bring pets. We love animals but for the safety of your pet and others please leave them at home.
– Ride in or pull children in picking wagons. Our ground is not level and accidents can happen
– Climb on or touch farm tools and equipment. Many machines have sharp edges and moving parts.
– Throw fruit, rocks, or other objects.
– Climb trees.
– Jump from hay climb.
– Harm trees by peeling bark or breaking branches.
– Allow children less than 12 years of age to wander unsupervised.
– Wander outside of designated picking area.


Applewood Fired Pizzas – $10
All Beef Hot Dog – $2
Farmhouse Mac & Cheese – $4.50
Hot Dog + Mac Cheese Combo – $6

Apple Cider Donuts & Pumpkin Donuts – .79 each, $4.50 half doz, $8.50 doz.
Muffins & Scones – $2.50 each, 2 for $4
Fresh Baked Cookies – $1 each, $5.50 half doz, $9 doz
Pie Slices – $3

Brix – 5.5% – sweet, light, refreshing – cup $5 | 4pack $12.99
Early Man – 5.5% – semi dry, fruit forward, crisp – cup $5 | 4pack $12.99
Crabby Granny – 10% – bone dry, crisp, tart – cup $6 | bottle $12.99
Hogshead – 8.5% – dry, fullbodied, oaked – cup $6 | bottle $11.99
Cojito – 8.5% – cider mojito, sweet, fruity – cup $5
Apfelwein – 8.5% – semi dry, still, semi sweet – bottle $13.99

Our Upick Orchard is a great place to turn the kids loose to enjoy the outdoors while learning where their food comes from. Birthday parties at Upick include picking bags for the party, choice of meal & beverage and designated space at one of our orchard picnic areas.

Call today to discuss scheduling, pricing and details for your next gathering or celebration.


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